The one-stop shop for Friction Stir Welding.

FPT INDUSTRIE is the only company that not only offers Friction Stir Welding machinery, but actual technological solutions.
Over 50 years of experience in the production of CNC machine tools, specialised technicians involved in making products of the highest quality, a well-organised facility for prototyping, laboratory tests and analyses, also used by the main research bodies, and a range of services aimed at supporting the customer through all the stages of design, mean that FPT INDUSTRIE is your go-to partner for Friction Stir Welding.

More than mere suppliers, we are the most reliable partner for companies – in Italy as well as abroad – that aim to use FSW technology to break down all feasibility barriers and to always be one step beyond in optimising welding processes.

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Why choose us

A sound company, the best partner for the automotive sector and industry of the future.

We are the only manufacturers who produce machinery for Friction Stir Welding made with technology entirely developed at FPT. Thanks to our services, we are the only ones to offer actual technological solutions for your company.
The precision and reliability of our machinery for FSW derive from a solid background: we have applied 50 years of experience gained in the production of CNC machine tools to a new range of systems.
All FPT machine tools are FSW Ready by default, ready to be equipped with our FSW technology, optimising results, time frames and production costs.

Working method

Co-design: more than plants, we design solutions.

We do not only supply the machinery, equipment and tools required to make your project come true, but we support you throughout the development stage: we provide our customers with all the internal resources that can help them shape their needs, from analysis to start of production.

Feasibility analysis and design contribution

In addition to analysing feasibility, we contribute to your project and suggest the modifications needed for the application of the FSW technology: we walk you through the definition of the end process, step by step, to optimise the result

Prototyping and analysis

Once the project has been defined, we provide our systems to make the prototypes required to validate the technology. The utmost attention to quality: we check the samples using scientific protocols

Supply of the plant and support to start-up

Starting from our range of products, we design the plant based on the customer’s specific needs and support them through the start of production, providing the technological support required to use the machine and the FSW technology in full autonomy.

Our Mission

The FSW technology has already cleared the way for unexpected and innovative scenarios: for the companies that apply it, for the world of tomorrow.
Our mission is to make more and more companies aware of the huge potential of Friction Stir Welding, encourage them to explore it and support them in its application.

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