Friction Stir Welding, the technology that breaks down the limits of conventional welding.

Fast, automated, environmentally sustainable and with low energy impact: this might be enough to define it innovative.
In actual truth, the Friction Stir Welding technology makes it possible to weld metals in the solid state and finally opens the door to welding components of a heterogeneous nature and different thickness without the need for filler material. Aluminium and copper, aluminium and magnesium, light alloys of various kinds give rise to joints with excellent metallurgical properties, and higher quality than those of the two base materials. In one step only.

Friction Stir Welding, as the name says, is a technology by which welding occurs by friction and stirring so that two metal parts are joined in a plastic state and, unlike conventional welding processes, without the need for any filler material: heat is generated by friction in a controlled manner, so as not to melt the materials, but making them sufficiently malleable to be mixed, and the resulting joint appears indistinguishable from the base materials.

Why Friction Stir Welding

The solid welding that gives rise to new opportunities for materials and for your business.

FSW friction welding does not require filler material to make the joints and makes it possible to weld difficult materials, such as aluminium alloys, heterogenous and very thick metals in one pass only (up to 80 mm). Furthermore, the welding process is fully automated, therefore it ensures a high degree of reproducibility and reduces the risk of defects to the minimum.
Reduction of production times and costs, since the welding process is very fast and requires no preparation of the joint to be welded. Furthermore, it does not require an inert environment and ensures energy savings compared to conventional welding.
This technology also lends itself to the possibility of non-destructive testing in the same clamping: the piece is not removed and can also be reworked in a wholly automatic manner, with high quality results in a short time.
The advantages relating to production go hand in hand with extreme precision in processing and ductility of use. FSW makes it possible to weld traditionally ‘non-weldable’ alloys (e.g. 7xxx series aluminium alloys) and can provide the welded joint with metallurgical properties close to or better than those of the original materials. Specifically, the joint point acquires improved mechanical properties thanks to the refinement of the material, resulting from mixing and recrystallisation. Welding different alloys becomes possible and easy, thanks to the mechanical action of mixing. In this way, it is possible to create joints between materials which cannot be welded together with the conventional melting process.
FSW is a green technology, that requires less energy than conventional welding and does not produce fumes and gas, electric arcs or sprays. These features mean that friction welding is a sustainable technology from the environmental point of view, as well as being safe for the operators’ health and safety.

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