Friction stir welding

The FSW technology breaks down all limits: not just machinery, but solutions to plan the future of your company.


A range of machinery for Friction Stir Welding that meets the most diverse application needs: vertical, high rigidity, multi-axis and equippable machines.

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The man returns to the Moon: inside modules designed by an Italian company for ‘colonizing’ it

Aiming for Mars through the Moon, with the possibility of colonization. This is the stated goal of the Lunar Gateway project, involving NASA and ESA in the mission that will effectively return humans to the Moon. Fifty-four years after the Apollo 11 landing on the lunar surface, the scientific world is buzzing with the imminent […]

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Why choose us

A sound company, the best partner for the automotive sector and industry of the future.

We are the only manufacturers who produce machinery for Friction Stir Welding made with technology entirely developed at FPT. Thanks to our services, we are the only ones to offer actual technological solutions for your company.
The precision and reliability of our machinery for FSW derive from a solid background: we have applied 50 years of experience gained in the production of CNC machine tools to a new range of systems.
All FPT machine tools are FSW Ready by default, ready to be equipped with our FSW technology, optimising results, time frames and production costs.

Application sectors

Earth, sea, space: we support the industries that innovate and safeguard our planet.

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