Extremely light frames, watertight housing for electronic components: this is Friction Stir Welding for the Automotive and E-Power sectors.

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Efficiency, lightness, safeguarding the electronics: the requests of the automotive sector are met by FSW.

Making efficient and light structures is imperative for the automotive sector, even more so if one talks of innovative electric cars: Friction Stir Welding is the technology that paves the road to ever more ambitious goals in terms of efficiency and lightness, in addition to guaranteeing high productivity as well as being aligned to the sector’s quality standards.

Indeed, with the FSW technology it is possible to effectively weld sheets of different materials as well as different thickness, suiting every need: a solution that makes it possible to introduce the use of aluminium to produce light frames, able to offset the additional weight that the battery system entails for electric cars.

At the moment, Friction Stir Welding is also the only welding technique that gives the maximum water tightness assurances. Battery chargers, heat exchangers and housings for electronic components, thus sealed, ensure the protection of the electronics contained. Furthermore, during the welding process, the lower temperatures involved compared to conventional technologies ensure the protection of the components already on board.

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