Aluminium for structures where lightness and resistance go hand in hand. With Friction Stir Welding, speed goes hand in hand with safety.

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Lower weight, resistance is intact. Savings in production costs: the defence sector has reached its turning point with FSW.

The possibility of welding difficult alloys such as aluminium with a weld that has high mechanical properties makes Friction Stir Welding the ideal technology for building military bridges and large tanks, reducing the weight of the structures but not their strength and, at the same time, save in terms of production costs. The FSW technology is a turning point also in the construction of military vehicles which, owing to the features of friction welding, can be designed reaching the right compromise between the speed of the vehicle – thanks to the use of light alloys – and the safety afforded by the possibility to weld different materials. Low density metals such as aluminium can therefore be used for areas that require high resistance to explosion.

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