Why StirLab

The best combination of milling technologies and Friction stir welding
Can be equipped with fixed pin, retractable pin technology and bobbin tool
High thrust capacity for very deep welds
Can be equipped for milling and welding
Automatic tool change and head change
High thrust capacity for very deep welds
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How StirLab works

StirLab is a high rigidity, high precision FSW machine, highly customisable, suitable for any type of processing.

It is suited for 5-axis welding for any application need.

The FSW head can be equipped with fixed pin, retractable pin technology and bobbin tool.

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Technical specifications

Technical specification
Unit of measurement
Welding depth
up to 30 - STIRLAB PLUS up to 50 
Axis simultaneous operation
up to 6
Axis Thrust
up to 100 - STIRLAB PLUS up to 150 
up to 40.000 
up to 4.600 
up to 1.800 
Maximum axial force
Welding speed

Areas of application

FSW at full power. StirLab for the sectors:

Examples of installations

Installations already implemented with StirLab

Beyond welding

A range of integrations to broaden the possibilities of your FSW machine

All our friction welding machines are assembled exclusively with components developed in-house. Not only: at FPT Industrie we have over 50 years of experience in the production of CNC machine tools. This means that we can integrate your milling, boring and turning systems with friction stir welding technology, optimising results, times and production costs.

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